The world’s largest brands want your insight, and they are willing to pay.

You can take part in all the opinion sharing, reward earning festivities inside the exclusive HATCH App by C Space!

Step 1

Download the HATCH App by C Space.  It’s Free!

Step 2

Sign up for an account after you download the App.

Step 3

Tell us more about yourself and participate in things like polls, surveys, discussions and more…

Step 4

Earn rewards for participating and providing your insights within the App.

We Are the Voice of the Customer

We connect the world’s largest brands with consumers to co-create new products and services that build a better tomorrow.  HATCH App by C Space members are comprised of normal everyday consumers that want to have a say in the products and services available to them in the market. Members are incentivized to participate because they earn rewards through Amazon, PayPal and more.

Why Join?

Through the Hatch App you have a say in what the world’s largest brands offer you, your friends and your family. You can inspire change that effects everyone globally. You become a market innovator all while you earn rewards to spend however you like.

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