You’re invited.


This is your opportunity to take part in an exclusive, online research community called Lights on You. Insights gathered from the community will be heard by a major pharmaceutical company and will allow us to develop new approaches and therapies for better patient care.

Your time is valuable. If you are invited to join, you will receive monthly $15 eGift cards of your choice in addition to a $10 Welcome Gift just for logging in and making your first contribution.

Simply answer a few quick questions to see if you qualify.

Please be assured that we are not selling anything and the information we gather will remain confidential and used for research purposes only.

As part of this study, you will have the opportunity to upload photos and/or videos, which could include photos and videos of yourself. Your responses will be recorded/collected for analysis purposes only. Members of the sponsoring company may view your responses and photos/videos (however they will never be given your personal information).

Still not sure? Scroll down to learn even more about this opportunity and how C Space communities work. 

Your Voice Is Powerful.

C Space will be hosting this private community and has joined forces with a major pharmaceutical company to help unite other people, just like you, to help us understand your experiences, successes, challenges, and unmet needs when it comes to patient care.  Spots are limited for this private group.

Participate, Earn Rewards.

Requires very little commitment (15 minutes per week) and you can log in anytime 24/7, from any device.  In exchange for your thoughtful participation, typically in the form of short surveys and discussions, you can earn monthly eGift cards.

How Does it Work?


We are agents of customers inside companies.  We help companies focus on what really matters to customers.  Rather than doing narrow, one-off studies, we keep a constant pulse on the customer to understand who customers are holistically and how our clients can best meet their changing needs.

We’re working to humanize business.  We believe in a better way of doing business.  Of treating customers as humans.  Not as targets, data points or subjects… but as people.